Haul #zara's sales

Hey babies :)
Today sales began at some stores so of course I had to go to Zara, my fav store :)
So yeah, I woke up early and was the first client to enter Zara ^^ I wanted to make sure I arrived when everything was organized so it was easier to shop!
I spent one and a half hour in there, checking everything out carefully and trying some stuff on.
If you want to see what I purchased continue reading.
It's just a pity that some items that I love are not in sale.
And yeah, let's go to the photos ;)

This sweater is great because I can use it when the weather becomes cooler.
It is prettier in reality than in these pics.
The back is longer than the front part.
I love that the front has that pattern and colour and that the sleeves and the back are black.
It's really comfy and lovely.
My mum loved it and wants one for her too, ahah.

About this, I specially like the back cause some parts are open, it's original.

This tee is made of linen and it's a great basic shirt.
I love that golden details.

This black top is quite simple and fresh :)

what do you think?