Happy new year!

Hello fashionistas, 
Here I am today, in the last day of 2013, wishing you a great 2014 year with all that you deserve. Dream a lot, smile a lot, travel a lot, read a lot, be healthy, work hard to accomplish your goals.
Thanks for passing by, it means a lot.

Get inspired:


Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.
Write a good one.




Fashion icon # Miranda Kerr

I adore the australian model Miranda Kerr and so I decided to make this post related to her.
I thinks she is so beautiful and sweet. Her style is the best. Loved her campaigns for Mango!
She deserves to be recognized :)
Enjoy the pictures: 

I love her :)

Have a great week,


Amazing dresses for new year's eve

I went to my favourite online shopping website which is Tobi.com and made some research on dresses to wear in this particular night.
I really liked the five below, so pretty and awesome.
The prices aren't expensive and they always have discounts, now they are with 40% off sitewide!
Enjoy it:

Vina dress, 44 €, here

Yez dress, 33 €, here

Free flight dress, 29€, here

Brooke dress, 29 €, here

Sparkle eve dress, 39 €, here

Beautiful aren't they?
Which one did you like the most?



Haul: Mango's coat

Hello fashionistas :)
Today I'm showing you a coat I bought Thursday at Mango.
Hope you like it:

big bag for me :)



ways to style

This was the way I wore it the first time :)

Personally I love it 
The colour, the style, the length, the warmth!

Now let's go to the sales ;)


I wish you a great Christmas

Hello dear readers,
Today I want to wish you a verry happy Christmas with love, peace, joy, all the people you love and everything you wish.
I really want to thank you for passing by my blog, it means a lot.

In my opinion, I think it's sad for the family to be together only in this time of the year, and buying presents just for today. It seems that in the other days of the year we are not a real family and only at this time of the year people are concerned. Maybe I do not know what the real spirit of Christmas is. Sorry for this.