Prom inspiration #blue dresses!

Hey fashionistas!
So, I had this idea of doing some posts related to prom!
This one has the subject of "blue dresses". I made some research and picked my favourite blue dresses and the ones I think are more appropriated to the situation!
I intend to do more posts like this but with other dress colours and ideas of shoes and accessories too!
Do you like it and think it would help?


You can find all of these dresses at asos.com


My picks from Womens' secret swimwear collection *

 While checking out this brand's swimwear collection, I selected my favourite bikinis and here they are :D

I couldn't decide between this 3 colours, love all of them!

floral pattern

crochet details

black and white 

New bikini *

The first time I saw this bikini I loved it: the colour, the details, the lace :D
It is from Lefties and I bought it with discount, which was great.
What do you think about it?


Trend: Fluid shorts

Hey fashionistas!

So, I don't really know the name of this new trend but you know what I'm talking about :) It's about that shorts that are very light and flowing - I'm leaving here some inspirations.
Well, I don't know if you are a fan or not of this trend; Personally I didn't like it much but now I like it more. I have tried some on and it's really comfy and fresh for the summer. They are not tight, what's good. Some have beautiful patterns and you just need to wear a simple top and the look is complete! :)

Hope you like it and have a good sunday,






Oysho's gymwear collection!

Exercising is good for the health and makes us feel better about ourselves :)
Now, we don't even need to go to the gym and to spend money to exercise! 
I normally go for walks, use my mini-stepper, do youtube videos and some exercises. 
So, I'll leave here some pics of Oysho's collection for you to get inspired, motivated and workout with style!



Accessories that scream Spring!

Hey ;)
So today I decided to make a post dedicated to accessories relatable with the season we are in.
They capt our attention due to their colours, textures, patterns and most of all their style!

Hope you like it,


(all from H&M)