Autumn clothes #H&M

Autumn just came and with it the warmer clothes.
Personally I like this season cause it's not hot and not too cold yet so you can still wear skirts or shorts and not too warm sweaters.
I enjoy being at home hearing the rain outside and drinking hot tea.
It's the perfect time for movies and blankets too!
I think these clothes by H&M are amazing, I can't wait to see them at the stores.

Have a good weekend :)

6 comentários:

  1. Não costumo ser fã de roupa mais quente, mas a H&M está com peças lindas!

  2. quero tanto ser rica para puder comprar isto TUDO. amei os casacos*
    olha vou-te deixar aqui os dois blogs das duas raparigas que te falei ha uns tempos atras que andam na FLUP, agora* espero que gostes: