A basic #shorts

Today I'm writing about a basic piece to have and to use especially with this good weather: shorts !
I like them because they are so versatile and they are now available in huge ways: lace, denim, high waist, ripped, with studs... 
I'll leave you with some examples picked by me :)

Lots of love,

H&M's denim shorts 

H&M's ripped denim shorts

H&M's stripped shorts 

This ones are from H&M too. They are available in black and white and they're really comfortable and give a nice figure.

 Ralph Lauren Flag Denim Shorts

ASOS High Waist Denim Shorts with Eyelet Detail

River Island Studs & Chain Knicker Short

Ralph Lauren Distressed Denim Shorts

b + ab Aztec Embroidered Short

ASOS Vintage Wash Denim Shorts

Pepe Jeans Embroidered Denim Shorts

The Ragged Priest Studded Denim Shorts

Wish you all a great week