Gift #Brandy Melville

Hey ;)
Today I'm showing you my first piece of clothing by Brandy Melville!
I really enjoy going to this brand's website and looking at all those wonderful clothes that I wish I had. Unfortunately I can't have them cause this store isn't available in Portugal. Plus, the shipping price is too expensive.
For my luck, my boyfriend went to Barcelona where they were two stores of Brandy and bought me this gift :) He wanted to give me something really different and original than what we are used to see at the stores here. Thanks a lot!




Unfortunately, the rain is back again but I plan to wear this white crop top with high waisted shorts so the belly button doesn't show.
This is a thing that young girls didn't understand yet: you are supposed to wear a crop top with high waisted shorts/pants/skirt, not showing too much skin. 

Have a good sunday,

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  1. gostei muito do crop top :) freezing-the-time.blogspot.com

  2. Adoro! É lindo mesmo
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