These days

These days suck.
I should be fucking happy cause all exams are done and I am finally on vacation but happens that I am not.
This fucking city sucks, I miss my dad, friends don't give a fuck and don't care at all.
I am still confused and scared about my future. I can't decide what will happen, otherwise I wouldn't be like this.
And if I fail?
Disappointments after disappointments.
No one knows how's like.
I have a dream. I have lots. And I daydream about the day it becomes real.
And I want to be with people but seems they don't. You see, it happened to me before: I was the one to always start conversations and one day I thought it was enough. Guess what? "The friend" didn't put any effort and the friendship has ended. End of story.
I'm tired.
And don't even tell me about selfish friends. Like my mum once said " If it where you asking, the person wouldn't do it ".
And "friends" that lie to put us in real trouble and shit? Bitch, don't talk to me anymore.
Life's fucked up in so many ways.
Sometimes it seems that everything's wrong.

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